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How you can keep away from discussions about office coverage?

Conversations about politics are the most common conversations that take place as soon as two or more people gather. Regardless of whether it is election time or not, the last thing that needs to be done in the workplace is to have policy debates with work colleagues. This is because we do not live in a time where everyone should think alike and have the same likes, regardless of the field.

Not everyone will share the same ideology, so the conversation can end in conflict and damage the personal connections you have with colleagues. Such situations will make you feel uncomfortable even those who agree with your ideologies. Perhaps the worst thing that can come of these conversations is inciting the boss to anger.

Should the boss stop discussing politics?

The boss can put an end to these discussions if they distract you and your colleagues and do not let you focus on work, or when they cause tension in the workplace. Even if he sees that this is happening he can stop them completely. In most cases they are legally allowed to do so, except when you and your co-workers talk about work-related issues, such as wages, working conditions, etc.

Expression of political opinions on social networks

We usually see social media as something very personal, where we are allowed to create whatever content we want, but that does not mean it will not affect our working relationships. Although any kind of discrimination is legally prohibited in Kosovo, your boss is wise not to tell you that the real reason for terminating the contract is political preference.

But in cases when you notice this you can report the violations that may be done to you due to your political opinion, because according to Article 5 of the Labor Law in Kosovo “discrimination is prohibited in employment and profession, related to recruitment in employment, training, promotion of employment, conditions of employment, disciplinary measures, termination of the employment contract or other issues from the employment relationship regulated by this law and other applicable laws ”.

“1.17. Discrimination – any distinction involving exclusion or preference based on race, color, sex, religion, age, marital status, political opinion, national or social origin, language or trade union membership, which has the power to exclude or deny opportunities equal for employment or profession or professional development. ”

And if you are one of those people who can not restrain themselves without giving their opinions on whatever happens, make sure you increase security, so that colleagues and the boss do not see the posts you make!

What to talk about instead of politics?

In order for the discussion not to reach one of the conversations which often deviate such as politics, there are various topics which will not only not create conflicts in the workplace, but will also build better relationships between the interlocutors.

  • Talk about vacation plans!
  • Share food recipes!
  • Recommend any restaurant!
  • Tell me what you did over the weekend!
  • Talk about a book, movie, or TV show!

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