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“I love you” and “Kosovo is Albania” – comments of Albanians on Bregovic’s profile

Serbian singer Goran Bregovic is expected to perform in Korca on August 22, as part of the annual beer festival.

His participation in this celebration is being opposed by Albanian celebrities, who have given up their performances, such as Dafina Zeqiri, Capital T and recently Shemi i “Ilirëve”.

Apart from them, Bregovic is also opposed by many Albanians from Kosovo and Albania, however, some of them are looking forward to seeing him.

There were various comments on the profile of the Serbian artist on Instagram, where the announcement for the purchase of tickets was made yesterday.

Some of the Albanians wrote “I love you” and “Welcome”, while many others offended him and told him that ‘you are not welcome’.

“Kosovo is Albania”, reads a comment below his photo, reports Klankosova.tv.

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