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IF I EVER UNDERSTAND WHAT FREEDOM MEANS, IT IS IN THIS PLACE, IN KOSOVO AND METOHIJA! Patriarch of Porphyry at present in Gracanica! Photograph / Video

On the occasion of Vidovdan, the patriarch arrived in Gracanica tonight, where he will serve the hierarch’s liturgy tomorrow in the monastery of the same name and a memorial service for the fallen Serbian heroes in the Kosovo battle in Gazimestan.

The patriarch was welcomed by a large number of believers and Bishop Teodosije of Raska and Prizren with the clergy.

“Your first arrival here after your election as the Serbian patriarch to all of us, the clergy, the monks, the faithful people, and these children is a great encouragement and encouragement to persevere on our way of the cross, the way of Christ and to remain in these holy places.”, said Bishop Teodosije.

The patriarch said that he came to Gracanica on Vidovdan to take comfort in your faith and ours.

“And if we Orthodox Christians, as well as Orthodox Serbs, have the opportunity to know this secret of the cross and resurrection and to witness it on all four sides of the world, it is precisely this area, it is Kosovo and Metohija.”, he said.

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But, the patriarch added, “not according to the philosophy of this world, where the cross is seen as a defeat and the resurrection as an illusion, but precisely in the spirit of the Gospel, that just when we as humans lose our strength and are resistant to God, power appears. and the power of God. “

“It sounds paradoxical, but in this very place, in Kosovo and Metohija, if I ever understood what freedom means, it is this space where I experienced that secret of freedom, but the secret of freedom in Christ, as our inner relationship to God and the world. , where in fact without Christ nothing is worth and if we are in him and with him, and when we are the smallest, we become very strong and free in fact, from death, from transience, free for eternal life.Therefore I rejoice immensely that I am here and I am sure that God will allow it to be often and as often as possible, just so that we may be comforted by your faith and ours, with the blessing of God “, underlined the Patriarch of Porphyry.

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