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If you lost 40 euros in Urban Traffic you can find them here

The staff of the buses “Urban Traffic”, reports for 40 euros found in one of their buses, so the person who lost them can contact the call center.

“The verification is done on the basis of video recordings from cameras installed inside the buses”, it is said in their announcement.

Full notice:

The bus staff of NPK “Urban Traffic” being responsible for the items found inside our buses, on 19.02.2021 in one of the buses were found a lot of money worth 40 euros. The conductor has handed over this amount to the traffic coordinator, so the citizen who testifies about the line and time can contact the Call Center through the available phones or the Viber application:

+383 45 10 11 22; +383 45 10 11 23; +383 45 10 11 28

Verification is based on video recordings from cameras installed inside the buses.

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