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Ikea is recalling the “odger” chair for security causes

In a statement, the company explains that for safety reasons it is recalling the “odger” office chair in anthracite color with date markings ending in š 2221, where 22 indicates the year and 21 the week of the product’s production, because there is a risk that the arm of the star base of the chair will break and put the user at risk of falls and injuries.

“Ikea develops its products using a rigorous risk assessment and testing program to ensure that the products meet all applicable laws and standards in the markets in which they are sold. Despite this, we have come to know that the star base arm of the ‘odger’ anthracite office chair , with date marks 2221, may break. The chair can be returned to any Ikea department store for a full refund and no receipt is required,” the statement said.

It adds that the product name and date stamp are located under the seat, stamped into the chair’s material, with the company apologizing for any inconvenience this recall may cause.

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