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In Horgos, buses and automobiles waited for the exit for 2 hours this morning

According to the information of the Border Police Administration, obtained at 5:15 AM, there were 40 minutes of detention at the Gradina border crossing at the exit from the country.

At Preševo, at the exit and entrance to the country, the wait was half an hour, and at Gostun, the exit was 50 minutes.

At the Špiljani border crossing, the delays at the exit were 40 minutes, and at the entrance to the country for half an hour,

At Batrovci, there was a 45-minute wait at the entrance and 90 minutes at the exit.

According to the announcements of meteorologists, we are at the beginning of another period with temperatures that will exceed 35 degrees in the hottest part of the day, so if you plan longer trips, we recommend driving in the morning until 11 am and in the afternoon, after 5 pm, AMSS stated.

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