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Indictment against three people in Prizren, who were filmed shopping with investigations – Latest News

Indictment against three people in Prizren, who were filmed bargaining with the investigation

The Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo has filed an indictment in the Basic Court in Prishtina – Special Department, against the defendants with the initials BG, RH and DH, after co-perpetrating the criminal offense “Exercise of influence”.

According to the Prosecution, the defendant BG, in co-perpetration with the defendant RH, in order to gain material benefit for himself, in the office of the defendant DH, directly demanded money.

With these actions, the defendants BG and RH, in co-perpetration, committed the criminal offense “Exercising influence”.

Meanwhile, the defendant DH gave money to exert unfair influence on the defendant BG, RH, so with these actions the defendant DH committed the criminal offense “Exercising influence”.

The case in question concerns the citizen Dardan Hoxha from Prizren, who days ago denounced in “Kallxo” one of the biggest scandals of abuse in the region of Prizren.

Dardani, a convict for legalization of false content, confessed in the show “Kallxo Pernime” that he paid over 5 thousand euros in bribes, money which, according to him, were asked to facilitate the case in the Prizren Prosecutor’s Office.

His file was investigated by prosecutor Ervehe Gashi, while Dardani filmed a moment when he handed over about 5 thousand euros to Rizam Hoxha, a friend of Bajram Gashi, the prosecutor’s husband who was investigating the case. / Voice

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