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The supply of antiCOVID vaccines and the revision of the Pandemic Regulation are required

The constitutive meeting of the Committee on Health was held. At this meeting it was said that the priority should be pandemic management and providing the anti-Covid vaccine. The members of the health commission even agreed that the law on combating the COVID-19 pandemic should be revised.

The chairwoman of this Commission, Fatmire Kollçaku from Lëvizja Vetëvendosje said that as chairwoman I will work constructively and I will be committed to a spirit of cooperation for the common good.

The member of this commission from PDK, Bekim Haxhiu asked that everyone come together to help provide the vaccine, regardless of which party they belong to.

Whereas, Shemsedin Dreshaj from AAK says that the issue of vaccination remains a concern for everyone.

“20 thousand vaccines are 1 drop of water in the sea, we recommend not to go with a slow pace of vaccines, as the deadline for vaccines expires, mobilization at all levels is needed. “These steps must be taken before the vaccine comes from our side, you will have the support sincerely”, he said.

Whereas, the former Minister of Health, Armend Zemaj said that the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic remains worrying. He emphasizes that the government is silent on the situation with COVID-19.

The Chairwoman of the Committee on Health, Fatmire Kollçaku, regarding the anti-Covid measures that are already in force, said that the measures were not taken by themselves, but in consultation with the NIPH.

“The measures were not carried out on their own but in cooperation with relevant institutions such as NIPHK and experts in all fields should be continuously involved and consulted,” she said. “Let us invite the Ministry of Health to the next meeting”, she said.

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