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Infamous Italian mafia boss arrested, hiding working as a pizza chef for 16 years

Edgardo Greco, linked to the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta, was convicted in absentia in 1991 of the double murder of brothers Stefano and Giuseppe Bartolomeo. He allegedly killed them with iron rods and dissolved their bodies in acid, according to court documents.

Greco has managed to evade Italian police since his conviction.

Nicola Gratteri, the anti-mafia prosecutor who led the investigation as head of the Catanzaro public prosecutor’s office in Calabria, described Greco as a “dangerous fugitive”.

Greco was also convicted of attempting to kill several prison officers, earning him the nickname “Prison Killer”.

Grateri began to approach Greco after the “pizza master” was featured in an article in the French newspaper Le Progres, which the restaurant posted on its official Facebook page.

Police in Calabria said Greco regularly posted on social media under a false name.

Journalist and author Roberto Saviano, who has lived under police protection since his book “Gomorrah” was published in 2006, told CNN it is common for mob bosses to crave attention.

“It’s typical. Look at El Chapo, who, while he was working, wanted to meet Sean Penn who wanted to make a movie about him. And Al Capone wanted to go on the set of ‘Scarface,'” he said. Saviano.

Italy’s anti-mafia police said four big bosses are still at large and several lower-ranking ones are on the run.

Pasquale Bonavota (48) has been on the run since 2018 and was convicted of mafia crimes related to the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta, Giovanni Motisi (64), a member of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, has been on the run since 1998 when he was convicted of murder and mafia association in Sicily.

Renato Cinquegranella (73) of the Neapolitan Chamber has been on the run since 2002, after being convicted of murder, possession of weapons and extortion, and Attilio Kubedu (75) has been on the run since 1997. He has been convicted of multiple kidnapping charges and is considered one of Italy’s most dangerous fugitives.

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