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Kate Bush is breaking data because of a 37-year-old track

Kate Bush’s song, Running Up That Hill, reached the top of the British and secular charts 37 years after the song was released. At the same time, Bush broke three records with this first place because she is the oldest woman at the top of the list at the age of sixty-three, while 37 is the longest time for a song to reach number one.

In addition, Kate Bush has the longest gap between singles in the first place, because 44 years have passed since her debut with the song Wuthering Heights (That record has been held by Tom Jones at the age of 42). By the way, Running Up That Hill, when it was published, managed to break through only to the third place.

“It’s hard to understand the speed with which all this is happening,” Kate Bush announced on her official website earlier this week. “So many young people who love the series are discovering this song for the first time.”

The song is currently in fourth place in the United States, which is also the best placement it had there.

Running Up That Hill in the UK currently has around 575,000 plays a day on Spotify and more than six million a day on the platform worldwide.

“Running Up That Hill has changed things as we know it,” music critic James Masterton told the Guardian. “This is the first time in the era of streaming that a song released in the background of the series not only spontaneously resurrected, but also maintained its popularity over a long period of time.”

This sudden success of Kate Bush could encourage publishers to make an effort to find older songs a place in popular series and try to repeat this unusual record.

Only four other artists reached the top of the charts in later years than Kate Bush. The oldest was Sir Tom Moore, 99 years and 11 months old, when his authorship was finally listed in 2020 on the single You’ll Never Walk Alone. The second is Elton John with 74, Tom Jones with 68 and Louis Armstrong with 66.

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