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KDI demands punishment of MPs who were absent 440 times during the spring session – Latest News

KDI demands the punishment of the deputies who were absent 440 times during the spring session

The Democratic Institute of Kosovo (KDI), has disclosed the findings from the work monitoring report of the Assembly of Kosovo for the spring session 2021, reports Ekonomia Online.

Angesa Haxhiu from this institute, said that the Assembly during the spring session was characterized by a slow pace of work, but with better performance.

Haxhiu also indicated that this time a smaller number of sessions was recorded with a total of 23 such, of which 16 were regular, four extraordinary and two solemn.

Haxhiu further said that the lack of deputies was problematic during the sessions during this period.

“One problem is the large absence of MPs in the sessions. By the end of July, the deputies were absent 440 times. “Parliamentary committees have shown the best performance compared to the same period last year,” she said.

“The Assembly has marked a lower number of laws adopted by them only 7. The Government has processed only 27 draft laws. In the absence of sufficient votes, two international agreements have managed to be voted only after the third attempt.

Also, Haxhiu, said that this time of work of the Assembly has been characterized by the dismissal of the Boards.

“The spring session was characterized by the dismissal of the boards, which caused disagreements between the position and the opposition, where a total of 4 boards were caused,” she concluded.

KDI has recommended greater cooperation of the government with the opposition and the issue of lack of deputies to be reviewed with penalties.

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