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KEDS is increasing the quality of services for over 100 thousand customers through investments in substations – Latest News

KEDS is increasing the quality of services for over 100 thousand customers through investments in substations

KEDS has announced through a press release that it is realizing one of the most important investments in the network, that of modernization and digitalization of the seven substations it has under management.

“Through this investment over 100 thousand customers will have greater security in electricity supply, higher and more stable quality of services, as well as increased energy capacity,” said in a statement.

“The most modern equipment is being installed in these substations, state-of-the-art equipment is being installed. Currently these investments are being realized in substations that include: Prishtina, Ferizaj, Obiliq, Malisheva, Prizren, Shtime and Gjilan. After their completion, KEDS will continue the modernization of other substations, until their full finalization “.

The Director of the Operations System at KEDS, Bujar Jupaj, emphasized that the million-dollar investments will enable the provision of quality services, from which thousands of citizens will benefit.

“Considering that KEDS has inherited an old electricity network, immediate actions have been taken to invest in substations for the modernization and digitalization of the network for the sole reason that consumers benefit from more efficient and quality electricity services. “Such investments are taking place in some substations, which reach figures of millions, from which direct beneficiaries are hundreds of thousands of customers”, said Jupaj.

As KEDS announces, investments in substations have been made before, where KEDS has digitized everything through the SCADA system, enabling remote control and great benefits for all KEDS customers. In parallel, the company has launched the Kosovanet program for monitoring and managing the entire network infrastructure and workforce, through which is seen in real time any movement in the electricity network.

“Such investments are fulfillment of the mission of KEDS, which aims to illuminate Kosovo with the most modern infrastructure, with the most modern and most efficient technologies”, reads the very end of the communiqué.

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