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Konjufca: Does not make the final agreement with Serbia a condition for liberalization – Latest News

Konjufca: It does not make the final agreement with Serbia a condition for liberalization

The Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca said today that the dialogue with Serbia can last for years, referring to the high ambitions of Serbia against Kosovo.

Konjufca made these comments after talking about the possibility that visa liberalization could be new for a final agreement in the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, which according to him, if this happened would be a big mistake.

He said that Kosovo has met the criteria for visa liberalization in 2017 and so far the EU has kept this process separate from that with dialogue, reports Zeri.info.

“It would be good for our institutions not to link visa liberalization with the dialogue with Serbia. To date, the EU has managed to keep liberalization and talks with Serbia as a separate process, and if anyone thinks that visa liberalization imposes an additional condition in relation to the dialogue with Serbia, this would be bad news for the citizens of Kosovo.

“Kosovo has completed the criteria for meeting the conditions for visa liberalization in 2017. After that, moving visa liberalization as a condition in the dialogue with Serbia would be a degradation of the visa liberalization assessment process”, said Konjufca.

He thinks that the Government of Kosovo and every representative of the institutions should take a stand so that the dialogue with Serbia is not mixed with visa liberalization, because according to him the dialogue with Serbia can last for years and citizens should not be held hostage to this. , transmits Zeri.info.

“The dialogue with Serbia can last for years, that possibility is not ruled out, we want it to be done even faster, but it is difficult to have a dialogue quickly when Vucic thinks he should get something in Kosovo, with these attitudes of Vucic, “With these high ambitions of Serbia, do not rule out that the dialogue may last for years, but visa liberalization should not be involved in this process because the citizens of Kosovo remain hostage,” said Konjufca. / Voice

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