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Konjufca: In May it seemed to us that we had beaten COVID – Latest News

Konjufca: In May it seemed to us that we had beaten COVID

The Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Glauk Konjufca, said that there were three factors that influenced the increase of cases with Covid-19 in Kosovo, while he admits that the Delta variant took them unprepared.

He also said that he expects a victory of LVVs at the local level, to complete the “change” in Kosovo.

“I think the big change is not complete if it does not end at the local level. This is my opinion. If this road that was started, which was started by the people of Kosovo because VV there is only to serve, if this change that started, because everything that started was from the central level, many important decisions for the citizen are taken at the local level. “Health is very important,” he said.

Further, on T7 television, Konjufca also spoke about the management of the pandemic by the Kurti government, saying that there came a moment “when we thought we had defeated the pandemic”.

“The pandemic situation is bad, because the mortality rate is high. The numbers increased due to the combination of 2, if I may say three factors more accurately. The advent of the delta variant, secondly the great opening of Kosovo and thirdly that there was no clearer and more accurate assessment of what the Delta variant could cause. It seemed to us in May that we had defeated Covid. Not only because it was the will of the government but also the general social consensus. The opposition pressured us to open up. There were days with 0 deaths. If I am not mistaken it was August 8 with 0 deaths. 20 days later we reached this level of deaths. This requires us to focus more on health and not to forget another factor is the level of vaccination which is very low “, concluded Konjufca.

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