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Korca Municipality confirms Bregovic’s participation in the concert, says that “Kosovar singers are being threatened” – Latest News

The Municipality of Korça confirms Bregoviiq's participation in the concert, says that

The Deputy Mayor of Korça, Benila Terova in a statement for the Express newspaper said that everything is closed and Goran Bregovi do will perform at the Beer Festival in Korça. Terova also said that the Serbian singer has confirmed his participation and will sing on the last day of the festival on August 22nd. She said that singers from Kosovo have canceled their participation due to threats as she called them by nationalist groups.

The Beer Festival that has been organized for 15 years now in the city of Korça this year will be held for four days from 18 to 22 August. The Municipality of Korça has invited the Serbian singer, Goran Bregovi. To perform and he will close the party on the last day.

Numerous singers and public figures have reacted harshly by opposing the invitation that the Municipality of Korça has made to the Serbian singer. Some of them have even canceled their participation such as rapper Capital T.

But despite these reactions, the Municipality of Korça does not intend to cancel Bregovic’s participation in the Beer Festival.

This was confirmed for the Express newspaper by the Deputy Mayor, Benila Terova.

“We do not withdraw Bregovic’s participation from the Beer Festival because we refuse to take a political position in this debate. “There is no political approach to the participation of a singer born in Sarajevo and to our knowledge before we contacted him to have a part and we are correct, there was no positioning either against Albanians or Kosovars”, she said.

The Deputy Mayor of Korça also commented on the song “Kalashnikov” which served as an inspiration for Serbian paramilitaries to commit crimes in Kosovo, saying that the song was composed much earlier than the time of the war.

“The Kalashnikov song may have been used by Serbian paramilitaries, but it was composed and composed by Bregovic long before the war, so we do not withdraw Bregovic from the Beer Festival,” Terova said.

Deputy Mayor Terova said that Bregovic has confirmed their participation and everything is closed.

“He has confirmed our participation, we have hired an event agency, tickets have been cut, Bregovic is part of a tour in Europe coming from Cannes where he has the concert, here we have three concerts in Poland to culminate with a concert in Moscow. So everything is closed for Bregovic, contracts are closed, plane tickets are cut because he comes from France together with the orchestra. “He will perform on the last day of the holiday,” she said.

Terova further said that Elita 5 and Dren Abazi were planned to be Bregovic’s warm-up, but that they were forced to withdraw for, as she said, the threats they received.

“We open the party with Elita 5, there are singers from Kosovo, Albania, we have a Nigerian group one from Brazil, the festival has been organized for 15 years and the goal is to promote respect for cultural and ethnic diversity. Bregovic has two Albanian music bands that will do his warm-up, it was Dren Abazi who asked himself to be Bregovic’s arm-up, even Dren who is a very good boy and was one of the deportees of the Kosovo war that took refuge in Korça and we have a very great friendship. He asked me because I have a personal acquaintance with him so that it would be Bregovic’s warm-up. Abazi from Kosovo and Bregovic this was the combination of last night, but Dreni has received frightening threats from these nationalist groups, they have threatened to hang and kill a young boy, he told me that he feels ashamed of the reaction of the brothers to my Kosovars. Dreni forced by the threats he received has canceled his participation, meanwhile we had confirmed Capital T from Kosovo, we had closed the contract with Capital also threatened, we had Dafina Zeqiri also from Kosovo. “Dreni contacted me personally, and told me that they did me a great honor and I feel honored to arm Bregoviiq and then received great threats”, said the Deputy Mayor of Korça.

Asked if there is information that the Capital rapper has been threatened, she said she does not know exactly but has withdrawn.

“Yes, it has been withdrawn, I do not know, we closed the contract, the payment in the amount of 9 thousand euros of Capital, but they risk losing as far as I understand the concerts and their markets in Kosovo, that was the reason. “Bregovic’s warm-up will be an Albanian ethno-jazz band, Hot Club Tirana who are excellent musicians and they will make Bregovic’s arm-up”, she said.

From Kosovo we have the group “NA”. Elita 5 from Tetovo have expressed satisfaction and said that we come with great pleasure to see and meet Bregovic, but they also have the same problem because we were asked to be arm-up because the purpose of the Municipality of Korca outside politics is to give the message as the Serbian Prime Minister received with honors Inva Mulan who has his Kosovar father received him at his headquarters and gave a concert in Serbia we said to give this good message of cooperation and art has nothing to do with politics, but Elita 5 again told me aman Benila that we are losing the labor market in Kosovo because of this spirit that has been opened by nationalist groups. I was reminded of the expression that I do not know which of the Albanian patriots that nationalism is the last refuge of jesters and fools and that is, no extreme stance does any good to any people or nation. “We have had an excellent collaboration with various groups, Greek singers, singers from the Netherlands, we have had the guitarist of Guns N Roses, but for musicians we have never seen this like this”, she added.

Terova said that they tried to take Bregovic once again but that the dates were impossible to achieve.

“We even tried Bregu (Bregovic) one more time but there were no possible dates. He was in Tirana in 2006, since 2006 as a date he was closer to the war in Kosovo, but now I think that the part of factoring social media where someone’s status affects. I remember that in 2006 there was a reaction, he gave two very successful concerts and received the key from Edi Rama who was in charge of the Municipality. “Now I read that Bregovic is a non-woman in Poland, the Polish Ambassador accredited to Albania, together with the staff has asked for tickets for Bregovic, that is, I do not think that in the 21st century is this spirit that should be conveyed,” she said.

Asked if she thinks there could be incidents, Terova said that she does not think there will be incidents and that Albanians are brave in talk and Facebook, but that in any case there will be a police presence.

“I do not think there will be excesses, if the Albanians were so brave, there is a lot of talk and Facebook, but in the situation of fires that are engulfing Albania and that they are putting themselves on their own, they do not have the strength to put out the house fire do not join there as many artists and individuals are joining firefighters who are putting out fires throughout Albania, plus there will be a large police presence and as far as I know, this singer, rapper Noizy who has instigated a movement a denunciation has been made today to the state police to have a ban on him that he can not threaten to get up and drop bottles filled on anyone. I know that there would be a reaction of the state police to the open threat made by Noizy, I also believe for the Red and Black Fans because any threat is a criminal offense and I think that as a representative of the institution I think we should feel ashamed if such a thing it will happen “, said Terova.

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