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Kosovo pulmonologist warns of new wave of COVID-19 – Latest News

Kosovar pulmonologist warns of a new wave of COVID-19

The number of patients with COVID-19 has significantly decreased in the Pulmonology Clinic. But this clinic is facing increasing demands for treatment of patients who have passed the virus.

Musa Hoxha, the acting director of the Pulmonology Clinic said that patients who have been in a serious clinical condition due to the virus, are returning to the clinic to treat the consequences caused by COVID-19.

“The situation in our clinic these days is more stable because it is known that these days the number of new cases infected with SARS-COV2 has decreased, at the moment we have only three cases of positive COVID that we are treating, and in addition to 10 cases we are waiting for the results for SARS-COV2, other cases are post-COVID cases and cases with other pulmonary pathologies… .In our clinic almost half of the patients we have COVID, non-positive are post-COVID cases, cases which were the most severe clinical cases that were treated when they were COVID positive and cases that left clinical problems, as well as in the radiological aspect we notice that there were severe pulmonary fibrosis and severe respiratory condition “, he said.

While explaining some of the symptoms of post-COVID patients, Hoxha says increasing the requirements for their treatment may increase the need to expand hospital capacity.

Pulmonologist Hoxha says that there are patients who, even though up to three months have passed since the coronavirus infection, still need medical treatment.

“The damage is, patients still need oxygen therapy, which means they are hyposaturated and hypoxemic. They still need oxygen therapy and are tired and sluggish patients and have no condition to walk or other activities… Each is a case in itself but usually we have cases that even after two months or three months are still not recovering for life normal to not need oxygen therapy… This trend which is developing we are seeing that during the year we will have the increasing trend in terms of patient requests to be hospitalized as post-COVID cases, and because of this we we also discuss it at the management level of HUCSK to increase the capacity and beds for handling post-COVID cases “, said Hoxha for ATV.

He added that the vaccination against COVID that is taking place in our country but also in other countries reduces the possibility of increasing new cases, but he does not rule out the possibility of a new wave of spread of coronavirus with greater infection rates. low.

“Considering that vaccination is already taking place in our country, as well as vaccination in neighboring countries and European countries is ahead of us, we do not expect a large increase in new cases of SARS-COV2 due to these measures that are taken from the surrounding countries as well as the western countries, where we also have the diaspora who come to our country, but nevertheless we can not talk about a passage of this pandemic. We are very aware that with this pandemic even during 2021, we will deal especially with the Pulmonology Clinic with the new cases that will come with post-COVID. “Maybe in the coming months we will have another wave, but not of this magnitude, what we have gone through”, he said.

In Kosovo, the number of people infected with coronavirus has been decreasing for several weeks now.

The distribution of the second dose of the vaccine for health professionals has already started in our country, who received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at the end of March when the vaccination started in Kosovo.

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