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Kosovo without ambassadors can not afford Serbia’s recognition campaign – Latest News

Kosovo without ambassadors can not withstand Serbia's recognition campaign

The expiration of the Moratorium between Kosovo and Serbia reached as a result of the Washington Agreement, finds the Kosovar state with a diplomacy injured as a result of the withdrawal of ambassadors from world capitals.

This moratorium provided for the suspension of Serbia’s campaign to remove the recognition of the state of Kosovo as well as the ban on applying for Kosovo’s membership in international organizations.

Emir Abrashi from Democracy Plus, said in a statement for Ekonomia Online, that the request from the US State Department to extend this Moratorium, is still unofficial.

According to Abrashi, the expiration of the Moratorium finds Kosovo without 23 chiefs of missions out of 32 abroad.

“On September 4, 2021, the Moratorium imposed by the Washington Agreement expired, which prevented Kosovo from applying to international organizations and, on the other hand, prevented Serbia from continuing the recognition campaign. Even now that this Moratorium has expired we have a request from the US Department of State which is not yet an official request because it has not been officially sent to government officials in either Kosovo or Serbia, requesting that this Moratorium be continues “.

“On the other hand, the expiration of this Moratorium means that Kosovo can now apply for international organizations, but on the other hand, Serbia can continue its campaign to withdraw recognition of Kosovo. In this regard, we must bear in mind that we have a diplomacy injured due to the withdrawal of a number of ambassadors at once by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Out of 32 diplomatic missions that Kosovo has, only 9 are currently with heads of missions and 23 are without chiefs”, he said.

Abrashi considered that in such a situation when Kosovo does not have coverage with ambassadors abroad, it is impossible to apply to international organizations, and if it is impossible to face the campaign of Serbia for recognition.

“Therefore, at this stage we are in the interest of Kosovo to continue the Moratorium for a certain period because with the lack of ambassadors, especially in major capitals such as Washington, London, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo we we are impossible to make any application to international organizations only collect support for Kosovo but on the other hand we are impossible to face the campaign of Serbia for recognition especially given the fact that the two areas most vulnerable to the campaign of “To Serbia, Africa and the Pacific we have coverage with ambassadors.”

“We have already closed our embassy in Australia because in the absence of the ambassador there is no diplomat to replace him for a temporary period as in charge of work,” he concluded.

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