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Kryeziu: Association of Serbian Municipalities constitutes human rights violations – Latest News

Kryeziu: The Association of Serbian Municipalities is a violation of human rights

University professor of constitutional law, Kadri Kryeziu, estimates that the Association of Serbian Municipalities, as provided in the agreement signed in Brussels is harmful and unconstitutional.

According to him, there are 21 articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo that are violated if the agreement signed six years ago is fully implemented.

Former judge of the Constitutional Court says in “Debate Plus” that AKS gives many rights to Serbs living in Kosovo, while violating the rights of other communities, reports Telegrafi

“The Constitutional Court, based on the request of President Jahjaga, has issued a judgment that has concluded that this agreement can be implemented with these remarks and recommendations. Which means that 21 articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo are violated if this is fully implemented, because human rights and freedoms are reduced. And in this context there are two fundamental issues. The first is that a one-national Serbian Association will be established, which is contrary to Article 3 of the Constitution. And the second is that AKS entitles Serbs to be an authorized party in the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo. This means that the Constitution must be changed “, said Kryeziu.

Kryeziu says that Serbs in Kosovo have rights that very few minorities in the world have.

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