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Occasions of August 26th

FOL Movement holds a press conference on which occasion it will publish the report “(Non) implementation of the Law on Declaration of Assets by the Government Haradinaj, Kurti1 and Hoti”. (In the offices of the FOL Movement, at 11:00)

The works for the asphalting of two roads in the municipality of Gjakova begin. The Mayor of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini, also participates in the opening ceremonies.

At 11:30 the asphalting of the Dol – Pjetershan road starts, while

At 12:30 the asphalting of the road in the village of Damjan begins.

The network of a number of women’s rights organizations organizes protest marches: Treat the murders of women as a national emergency. (Starts at the Ministry of Justice, to continue at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and ends at the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, at 12:00)

The ceremony of handing over medical equipment is held at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, equipment provided by the cooperation of AMC and the Embassy of Japan in the framework of the GGP project. (Main administration in UCCK, time 13:00)

The closing ceremony of the second edition of the Co-Investment and Networking Forum “Invest in Prizren” is held, in which the distribution of gratitude will take place. (Municipal Assembly Hall in the White House, 17:00)

The Bishopric of Kosovo organizes a solemn Academy to mark the birthday of Mother Teresa. (BogdaniPolis Center, near the Cathedral of St. Mother Teresa in Prishtina, time 19:00)

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