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Kurti continues to deal with the campaign in Albania – Latest News

Kurti continues to deal with the campaign in Albania

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti has continued today to deal with the election campaign in Albania, promoting the three LVV candidates for MPs Boiken Abazi, Iliaz Shehu and Kreshnik Merxhani.

Kurti together with the candidates for deputies, last night held a virtual meeting with the Albanian community in Italy, which as he said, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the great exodus from Albania, to the shores of Puglia in Italy.

“The Albanian community in Italy, which is beautifully large and integrated, commemorates this year the 30th anniversary of the great exodus from Albania to the shores of Puglia in Italy. This coincides with the beginning of the Albanian transition which has already become systemic and must be carried out. But the forces and policies that benefit from the transition cannot complete it. “In these three decades, the diaspora has actively and massively contributed to the economy of our countries, and it has even maintained social peace during the economic crises of our countries, and yet it has not received the attention it deserves from the institutions,” Kurti wrote.

The Prime Minister further writes that Albanians in Italy are a determining factor for relations between Kosovo and Italy.

“As the Government of Kosovo together with LVV in Kosovo and Albania, we are committed together that the diaspora has the support it deserves, to further increase its vital contribution to the development of our nation. For this reason, together with Boiken, Iliaz and Kreshnik, we held this meeting to get better acquainted with the needs of our community in Italy, which consists of more than half a million people. The Albanians of Italy rightly claim a more active role in policy-making “, he said.

In this meeting was discussed the need to draft joint strategies on preventing the outflow of young people, absorption of human capital, recognition of social contributions, assessment of cultural heritage for economic growth and the role of education and women in society. .

“This was an important and comprehensive step, which proves how the will changes the circumstances and that sees us once again united beyond the imposed borders. “With the new government in Pristina and the establishment of the Movement in Albania, such meetings will become common practices to bring closer and further mobilize our compatriots abroad,” Kurti wrote on Facebook.

We recall that in recent days, Kurti has been criticized for dealing more with the electoral situation in Albania, leaving aside the situation in Kosovo. / Voice

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