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Kurti publishes the decisions taken at today’s meeting of the Government, calls them important – Latest News

Kurti publishes the decisions taken at today's meeting of the Government, calling them important

The government today held its 16th meeting chaired by Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

The Prime Minister of the country has just published on his social network Facebook the decisions taken today at the Government meeting. These decisions, he says, are important.

Among the decisions that were taken were those that had to do with justice, the diaspora fighting the pandemic, the economy in the country, infrastructure and environment, property and housing law, protection, education, etc./Zëri

Kurti’s full post:

In the sixteenth meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, we took important decisions:


In line with our commitments, the draft law on the establishment of the Commercial Court was voted, as one of the concrete actions towards the rule of law, and a mechanism that paved the way for foreign investment and our diaspora.


Border insurance premium obligations, or as the Green Card is known, will be fully covered by the Government, for compatriots and foreigners coming to Kosovo by the end of 2021.

We will start issuing “Diaspora Bonds” to enable our compatriots to direct their savings to development investments.

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

We continued to facilitate measures that enable increased economic activity and at the same time aim to control the spread of infection.

We paved the way for the financing of a 40 million euro project in the framework of financial assistance for the recovery of small and medium enterprises, as well as another project for strengthening the provision of medical services for those affected by COVID-19 and for social and economic support during the period of isolation.

Help Presevo

We allocated one hundred thousand euros (100,000.00 €) to help the Municipality of Presevo after the floods.

Human rights

We distributed 20,000 euros, as a symbolic support for the family of Kujtim Veseli, 11 years old from Fushë Kosova.

The establishment of the Council for Persons with Disabilities is in line with the strategic objectives of the Government, for the implementation of legislation and policies that meet the rights of all citizens.


We approved the draft law which facilitates and promotes the construction of high-speed electronic communications networks and which enables the extension of these networks at a lower cost.

Infrastructure and environment

The Chamber of Architects as well as the Chamber of Engineers will regulate, among others, the continuing education of architects and engineers in the field of construction.

We addressed the need for key information to be systematized in a database that will constitute the national spatial information infrastructure for the Republic of Kosovo.

Property and housing right

The property rights of foreign natural and legal persons, as well as the housing right will be regulated by the amendments to the approved draft laws.


Allowing the temporary stay and transit of our military forces to participate in US missions in the Republic of Iraq was addressed through the draft decision we adopted.


Following the ratification of the cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation and the Austrian Development Agency – ADA, the implementation of the 36-month project “Research and applied sciences in higher education + (Heras)” will begin.


Copyright protection is an incentive to deepen the imagination, increase creativity and cultural creativity. We started this guarantee today as a form for adequate compensation of creators and entrepreneurs in our country.


We appointed the Selection Committee to recommend the candidates for chairman and two members of the Board of the Procurement Review Body.

Free movement of goods and elimination of trade barriers

With today’s decision, we initiated the formation of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group for coordination on technical legislation for the free movement of goods. The draft decision on the Program for the Elimination of Trade Barriers under Articles 34-36 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU was also adopted.

Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance and cross-border cooperation

The initiative for negotiation of the international partnership agreement within the Program for cross-border cooperation Montenegro – Kosovo under IPA II was approved and the process for ratification of the financial agreement for IPA 2020 between the Republic of Kosovo and the European Union was initiated.

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