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Kurti will take office today at 10:00 – Latest News

Kurti will take office today at 10:00Illustrative photo

The elected Prime Minister, Albin Kurti will take office today at 10:00, while an hour and a half later he will hold the first meeting of the Government.

The Prime Minister in a press release has given details about Albin Kurti’s agenda on the first day as Prime Minister in the second term.

After the Government meeting, Kurti will visit the memorial complex “Adem Jashari” in Prekaz.

In the afternoon, he meets with the EU Ambassador to Kosovo, Thomas Szunyog.

Full agenda:

1. The acceptance-handover ceremony of the Prime Minister.

LOCATION: Government Building

TIME: 10:00

2. The ceremonial meeting of the Government is held.

LOCATION: Government Building

TIME: 11:30

3. Prime Minister Albin Kurti pays homage to the memorial complex “Adem Jashari”, in Prekaz.

PLACE: Memorial complex “Adem Jashari”, in Prekaz

TIME: 13:00

4. Prime Minister Albin Kurti will meet with the EU Ambassador, Mr. Thomas Szunyog.

LOCATION: Government Building

TIME: 14:30

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