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Latest News: Kosovar bodybuilder attacked in the workplace – Latest News

Latest news: Kosovar bodybuilder attacked at work

February 22, 2021 – 23:34

Bodybuilder from Kosovo, Flamur Grabovci was beaten in his work by three people.

On the social network “Facebook”, Grabovci has indicated that three people have attacked him, writes “Zeri.info”.

According to him, these people are “very famous”.

Grabovci has announced that his condition is good, but that he calls the attack unacceptable.

His full announcement:

“After the attack I had in the workplace by three very well-known people
attacked for “their whims” I received many messages from you dear, to understand about my health.
I’m healthy, I’m going through everything
even though 3 people from 100kg jumped on me, just under the pretext of kneeling me down and becoming an example for their strength and being afraid of as many people as possible, none of me will ever be able to kneel down, only Allah and his father I bow to you who have never attacked without nal and pat that I can never bow because I am there to secure the Bread of the mouth.

I tell you publicly that I will never do halal, I was sent to work where I provide food for my children, but what he wanted after all that attack on an athlete,
that represents his Country and his city that I am on foot from 7 o’clock in the morning God will not carry out your mission until the end.

The cameras are at the scene, I hope they will be published as soon as possible to see all the people how an athlete is attacked in the workplace, where he prepares to defend the colors of the place and where family bread is provided without any pretext with a price scenario and tinnitus staining, behind the back and where the besa rests.
The case is in the hands of the police and I have confidence in this institution. I will also hope for the Mayor of my city in his reaction to be an example of how to protect someone in the workplace
I quit my job today, I apologize to all of you clients who left you waiting to start working
today the preparation of the competitions was interrupted “. / Zeri.info

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