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Loredana confirms separation from Mozzik: We are both stubborn

Loredana has confirmed the separation from Mozzik through a post on social networks.

The rapper states that they are both very stubborn and can not have a healthy relationship.

Loredana writes that despite their problems, they have prepared an album and will be eternally grateful to Mozzik for forgiving the most beautiful gift in life, the girl.

“Some of you have noticed that there were problems between me and Mozzi.

We are both stubborn that we can not do without each other.

The album phase was so intense that we both realized we could laugh together for 10 hours a day, but we fail to have a healthy relationship.

However, I am very happy that we managed to make this album.

Mozz and I will stay in touch.

He made me the best gift of my life.

Thank you for your support, our new song “Mit Mir” and the album on September 24th.

“Thank you all for supporting us both during this time,” Loredana wrote.

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