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Macedonia: From September 1 there is no travel without COVID – documents – Latest News

Macedonia: As of September 1, there is no travel without COVID documents

There are 9 days left until our citizens and foreigners can move freely through the borders of Northern Macedonia. After 9 days, in addition to passports and ID cards, to cross the border, a covid document will be required (vaccination certificate, PCR test, or proof of disease).

Vaccine certificate or certificate at border crossings will not be required for children under 18 years of age. But what will happen to our citizens who will not possess any covid documents !?

“For our citizens who return to the country after September 1, and do not have a PCR test, or a certificate for vaccination or a certificate that they have been infected in the last 45 days, a quarantine of seven days in home isolation will be set by decision of the Inspectorate State Health “, said Muhamed Hoxha – Government spokesman.

Meanwhile, for foreign citizens who transit in Macedonia will have to leave the country within 5 hours with a declaration signed at the entrance of the country and this declaration must be submitted when leaving the country. With the increase in the number of infected, Montenegro also imposed restrictions on all countries, except the countries of the region. Countries like Greece and Bulgaria have not relented at the border all the time, constantly demanding a negative PCR test or vaccination certificate./telegrafi.com

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