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The president of Good reacts after the incident within the match in opposition to Marseille

The president of the French team Nice Jean-Pierre Rivere has accused the Marseille players of inciting the ugly incident on Sunday where the fans said the safety cordon and entered the field to physically attack the Marseille players which then led to the interruption of match.

Rivere said that the Marseille players responded with excessive force after Dimitri Payet was hit by a bottle near the throwing flag from the corner, KosovaPress reports.

The match was canceled when the Marseille players refused to leave the locker room at the “Allianz Riviera” due to concerns for their safety.

“What made things worse was the reaction of two Marseille players (Alvaro Gonzalez and Matteo Guendouzi) who attacked the fans,” Rivere told RMC Sport.

“It’s disappointing that it ended that way. Things are pretty clear. Marseille’s security should not have come down to the pitch and hit our players. “I really do not understand why Marseille agreed to continue the game.”

Matteo Guendouzi and Luan Peres were among the players with visible marks on the body left by Nice fans.

Payet, meanwhile, was photographed with a mark on his back, apparently from being hit by the bottle.

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