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MCYS appoints former LVV candidate for deputy in the Steering Council of TKK – Latest News

MCYS appoints the former LVV candidate for deputy in the Steering Council of TKK

By decision of the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Hajrulla Çeku, the members of the Steering Council of the National Theater of Kosovo were dismissed, and seven of its new members were immediately appointed.

This was announced by the MCYS, which announced that the new Steering Council, with a 4-year mandate, has the following composition: Armend Smajli, Ben Apolloni, Gresa Pallaska, Rebeka Qena, Shkurte Aliu, Visare Aliu and Brikena Mulliqi, reports Zeri .info.

“The new government treats with a special priority the national cultural institutions. Today’s decision is the first step for the construction of a new vision for the Theater of Kosovo”, it is said in the press release of MCYS.

In the coming days, the Ministry has said that it will take other actions for national cultural institutions aimed at increasing financial and institutional sustainability, program and artistic independence, audience development, professional capacity building and international presentation of local artistic product.

We recall that the Minister of Culture, Hajrulla Çeku, during the election campaign of the February 14 elections, had said that he would departmentalize cultural institutions.

But, it seems that the promise went in vain with the appointment of the director Shkurtë Aliu in the KD of TKK, which is also the highest governing body of TKK.

Aliu is a member of the ruling party, Lëvizja Vetëvendosje, to which Minister Çeku also belongs.

She had run for MP in the 2017 parliamentary elections, but had not managed to get enough votes to enter the Assembly.

Agron Shala, Ramadan Musliu, Feim Maliqaj, Besim Rexhaj, Mustafë Halili, Samka Ferri and Ismet Azemi were appointed to the TKK KD last October by the former government. / Voice

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