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Medical staff was not present, the citizen saves the life of a woman in Gërmia Swimming Pool – Latest News

The medical staff was not present, the citizen saves the life of a woman in Gërmia PoolPhoto: Laura Hasani

A woman almost lost her life today in the Germia Pool in Prishtina.

This is because she had an epileptic seizure, while according to witnesses the medical staff was not present at all in the pool.

Fortunately for the woman in question, a general nurse of a private hospital, Oniksa Aliu, happened to be in the pool, who immediately offered her first aid.

“The woman in question had an epileptic seizure and unfortunately the ambulance was not in the pool, so there was no medical staff. I had no knowledge of what was happening, I accidentally saw that some citizens had gathered and it caught my eye. I immediately offered first aid until the woman in question, who has been deaf and dumb, came to her senses. “We received the information from a family member of hers, who was under 18 years old and did not know how to act”, Aliu told lajmi.net.

She said she found the woman lying on the ground and immediately intervened to save her life.

“When I approached, the woman was lying on her side, which is dangerous and usually in these types of attacks your tongue also rotates. Since I did not have a strong tool with me, I pulled out my tongue with my hand where it even bit me unconsciously. “After this action, the airways were much easier, her pulse was fine and after a while I started to sneeze, except that there was bleeding because she had bitten her tongue with great force”, said Aliu.

The citizen has announced that after the person in question became aware, the ambulance arrived, who reacted through the venous line and sent him home for treatment with therapy.

The absence of the medical staff in Gërmia Pool has been considered scandalous by the citizens who have been at the scene, taking into account the cases that occur almost every year in this pool.

Lajmi.net also sent questions to the Municipality of Prishtina to understand the reason why the medical staff was not present in the pool, when the ambulance was there.

In the announcement for the opening of Gërmia Pool, the management of the Public Enterprise “Sport Marketing”, had announced that professional staff has been engaged in the pool, starting from physical security, rescuers, ambulances with doctors and technicians, as well as maintenance workers.

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