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Melissa and Lediana are badly caught in the distance

Former contestant of “Për’puthen”, Melisa Lleshi, recently in an interview mentioned that Lediana is more fake than all other competitors in the show.

This statement made Lediana react by saying that she does not mention her parents to be victimized in the same way as Melissa did while she was on the show, and does not sell herself for a career or anything.

And after these words, Melissa reacted again, warning her that she would reveal something about him.

“O little heart, how happy I am that I mentioned his name, here I am mentioning you again because it seems to me that I jokingly received the messages to write!

You are afraid to talk on the phone but you like to invent on me, I am with the principle that if 2 young people fight, you should stay between these 2 young people, but the insolent ones interfere in the family, they mention mom and dad!

“I personally got tired of texting you, so I prefer to do a tour there from Bukëmira, send the words there and from Belgium, we will be heard very soon, but I am a wise lamb that drinks 2 mothers”, she writes.

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