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Minister of VV proposes reduction of the number of vehicles to improve air quality in Prishtina

The Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, Liburn Aliu, has mentioned some steps that the Kurti Government will take to improve air quality in Prishtina.

Aliu said that reducing the number of cars entering the capital would be one of the ways to improve air quality.

“Not very easy decisions are required from the mayors, the number of cars in the center should be reduced”, he said, among other things.

He also spoke about other air pollutants, mentioning the “Kosova B” power plant as one of the major polluters.

“Even the energy from the power plants that is produced creates pollution. Kosovo B, for example, has non-functional filters. “One of the main polluters comes from the Kosova B power plant,” he said.

“Also, the other polluter in the winter time, as well as the main cause, is from households which burn coal for heating. We have poor households that use coal for heating. It will not be easy to stop heating for a while, without an alternative solution and this is an extraordinary challenge for both the municipality and our government “, he declared.

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