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Montenegrin minister fired for denying Srebrenica genocide – Latest News

The Montenegrin minister who denied the Srebrenica genocide is fired

June 17, 2021 – 23:25

His dismissal was made on the proposal of the Montenegrin Prime Minister, Zdravko Krivokapic, whose proposal out of 81 deputies in the country’s parliament, 43 voted in favor of the dismissal, while 27 were against. This proposal was also supported by the Democratic Socialist Party of President Milo Djukanovic, which is in opposition.

Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic proposed the dismissal of Justice Minister Vladimir Leposavic over his denial of the Srebrenica genocide.

During a parliamentary session on March 26 this year, Leposavic said he was ready to admit that genocide had taken place in Srebrenica “when such a thing is proven without a doubt”.

This statement has provoked strong reactions in the domestic and international opinion, while Leposavicka also challenged the legitimacy of the Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which has concluded that genocide took place in Srebrenica.

Prime Minister Krivokapic accused Leposavic that as a minister he was obliged to answer the parliamentary question about Srebrenica in the spirit of Government policy, and not in the spirit of academic debate.

“I asked him to resign because it is better to show responsibility with a personal act,” said Krivokapic.

However, Leposavic refused to resign, as he was also backed by a majority of pro-Serb lawmakers in power in Montenegro. Montenegro’s pro-Russian Democratic Front party backed the minister, saying “Leposavic did not say anything that is not the position of every Serb in Montenegro.” They warned that his dismissal could cause the downfall of the Montenegrin Government in the coming days./VOA

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