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Proposals in Brussels and nationwide safety

Currently, Serbia is demonstrating its military power capabilities, on the eve of the peace agreement not to attack between Kosovo and Serbia, proposed by Prime Minister Kurti at the last meeting in Brussels.

Referring to the rumors of days ago that General Dikovic is threatening a military invasion in Kosovo, this should be a serious concern for national security.

Instead of a peace agreement not to attack with Serbia, Kosovo should work to make a MILITARY DEFENSE TREATY with strategic partner countries, such as the US or Israel.

Such a treaty with the US could not be of the same model as the US has with South Korea.

This can be done with more partner countries bilaterally, such as England, Germany, Turkey, Albania, Croatia and neighboring countries of the Western Balkans.

What results from the four points of the “agreement” proposed in Brussels, when passed to the filter of intelligent analysis in context, show us measurably that they will lead to the dissolution of the state of Kosovo.

They return Kosovo from the advantages of the Ahtisaari agreement and reduce it to the level of the agreement with Serbia;

From the principles of dialogue approved by the assembly with a resolution and the Platform of principles of dialogue, in proposing such agreements that devalue the unitary character of the state, also defined by the Constitution.

From the interactive partnership with NATO and the US Armed Forces, to military agreements with Serbia, ie return under the military partnership of Serbia;

From the demand for an international agreement to ban Serbia’s armaments, to an agreement that turns the region’s military hegemony into a master;

From the signatory government of the Washington agreement, to Vuiqi arg’s agenda for its demolition, which aims not to call the Serbian embassy in Jerusalem and return to regional mechanisms dominated by Serbia that does not even recognize Kosovo’s independence and still maintains it in Constitution, as part of it;

From the request for political and military integration of the country in NATO, respectively of the CAF with those KPOs that we have, similar to the membership in the UN, in a “peace agreement for non-military attack”, which allows Serbia to seek from the SC / UN, withdrawal of KFOR from Kosovo since it has “established peace” and we have received a “commitment not to attack”, with bilateral agreements, so there is no reason for NATO / KFOR to stay in Kosovo.

From the European mechanism CEFTA to SEFTA, a provisional analogous mechanism in purpose and content with the project “Balkan Schengen” Made in Vucic – Rama, which also formalizes the “corridor” of Blerim Reka to seize the economic hegemony of Serbia, and strengthens the position of the Kurti government2, for non-implementation of the “Commitment Agreement” reached in the White House, under US guarantee;

From the historical, ethnic and political right of the autochthonous Albanians to their lands in the Valley, Sandzak, and elsewhere, to reciprocity which is the negative formula and incomparable to the status of Serbs settling in northern Kosovo;

From an independent constitutional institution of the state of Kosovo, the CEC and the de facto electoral system are given to Vucic under control;

From the lawsuit against the state of Serbia and the top state leadership, which are part of the criminal regime of Milosevic, Vucic, Dacic, other Generals, in the request for dismissal by the head of the commission for Serbian missing persons, is reduced to local levels of responsibility of the former the mayor of Prishtina at that time;

These do not serve the stability of Kosovo.

The current government of the Republic of Kosovo obviously has an attempt to take the country out of its Euro-Atlantic path and to orient it in an alliance between the Balkan states not only through political-economic agreements but also military ones.

These and internal developments through administrative measures without legal procedural action, decadent education, health and social system, affect the political, economic and development stability of the country, respectively the national security.

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