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Mother’s joy after Ronaldo’s armband, which he hurled after Serbia goal tantrum, is flogged at auction — RT Sport News

The armband that Cristiano Ronaldo threw to the ground during a 2022 World Cup qualifier last week was auctioned in Serbia to support a campaign that sought to raise around $ 3 million for childcare.

Six-month-old Gavrila Djurdjevic, who lives in the village of Cumic near the city of Kragujevac in central Serbia, suffers from muscular atrophy of the spine and requires expensive treatment.

His family will receive the proceeds after the armband was sold for $ 75,000, despite organizers telling Tass that the grand total had reached around $ 12.7 million at a time before it was determined that the astronomical early Top bidders did not have the funds.

“We couldn’t believe that some people who didn’t even know us would take the armband and auction it off and help our child,” Gavrilo’s mother Nevena told Reuters.

? Serbia’s firefighters auction Ronaldo’s armband to help the sick boy. OnaldRonaldo threw himself angrily after his goal was falsely denied in a soccer World Cup qualifier against Serbia over the weekend. He was picked up by Djordje Vukicevic, a fire fighter on duty. pic.twitter.com/byYMg7NOss

– David Bayingana (@david_bayingana) April 1, 2021

The quick-thinking firefighter Djordje Vukicevic took the fresh souvenir from the sports icon and later decided to donate it to Djurdjevic.

“Ronaldo was excited,” recalled Vukicevic. “He threw the armband. It fell right next to me. The entire crew agreed that it would go [to help] little Gavrilo. “

The raging Ronaldo threw the strap off after resenting an absurd position when an assistant referee failed to see that his shot, which would have earned Portugal a late win in Belgrade, clearly crossed the finish line.

After Serbia clearly hacked the ball, the incredulous captain ran to the assistant on the near side to protest vigorously that the goal should have been forgiven. He received a booking from the referee, for which Portugal boss Fernando Santos later apologized for the terrible decision.

Santos’ skipper left the pitch seconds before the end, still clearly angry, as he tossed the band onto the pitch on the way there in an angry expression of burning disgust.

Djurdjevic’s mother said the campaign has raised nearly $ 600,000 so far.

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