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Mustafa: This situation is called “You wanted, look” – Latest news

Mustafa: They say to this situation

Former LDK chairman Isa Mustafa says VV’s attempt to pass the Election Law in the late hours of last night is nothing new. Mustafa said that Kosovo will be harmed by such practices and mentalities and according to him this situation is called “You wanted, look”.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti last night at the government meeting proceeded further to the Assembly of Kosovo to review the Law on General Elections.

However, in the session convened at 21:30, VV’s proposal for its review to be expedited did not pass as it did not receive 2/3 of those present in the Assembly as a result of the vote against by the opposition.

Regarding this development, former Prime Minister Isa Mustafa spoke to the Express newspaper who told him that he was not surprised because the populists who won the elections.

“I do not see anything new or surprising from the populists who won the election. Populism and populist votes produce such behaviors, which have nothing to do with democracy. They say to this situation: “You wanted, look”, said the former chairman of LDK on Saturday.

He expressed confidence that Kosovo would be harmed by such practices and mentalities.

“Unfortunately for us, the country will be damaged by such practices and mentalities. I am very convinced “, said the former mayor of Prishtina.

Requests for Prime Minister Kurti to withdraw from the review of the Law on General Elections

Opposition and civil society have come out against the decision to review the Election Law, criticizing Prime Minister Kurti because, according to them, the haste to proceed with the law without substantive consultations with the opposition and civil society is wrong and they have asked him to withdraw.

“We call on the Vetëvendosje Movement as the initiator of this legislative initiative to withdraw from the request to amend the Law on General Elections. As even in case of failure of the Assembly to elect the President and consequently the announcement of extraordinary elections, the implementation of the proposed changes would be in difficulty due to the short deadlines to make all the necessary preparations for voting in the diplomatic missions. and Kosovo consulates abroad. In this way, the whole electoral process would be compromised “, it is said in the request of the Non-Governmental Organizations.

LDK leader, Lumir Abdixhiku, at the conference held last night, said that if the proposal to amend the Law on General Elections is not withdrawn, Prime Minister Albin Kurti will lead the country to elections.

“This law must be part of the electoral system, which our country needs. With today’s actions they have proposed the opposition from a reform process, which should be the result of cooperation with them. Today’s actions are aimed at blackmailing the country’s opposition, the majority has realized that they can not cope with the pandemic and the economic situation in the country. “Today Kurti tried to blackmail by going to the elections”, he declared.

“On behalf of the LDK, I call on Prime Minister Kurti and the parliamentary majority to give up this blackmail today in relation to the country’s opposition. We ask for this law to be withdrawn, if this law is not withdrawn, then Prime Minister Kurti will send us to the elections’, he further stated.

The other two opposition parties, the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), also reacted harshly to Vetëvendosje’s “hurry” to change the law on general elections. The chairman of the largest opposition party PDK, Enver Hoxhaj said that Prime Minister Kurti wants to send the country to early elections. “Instead of the government dealing with vaccination of citizens, pandemic management and economic recovery, Kurti causes a political crisis by risking the country to go to the polls again in pandemic times,” said Enver Hoxhaj.

However, Prime Minister Kurti reacted this morning, saying that the Law on General Elections will be processed properly.

Kurti told the opposition that they have the elections in hand or over 80 ballot boxes for Vjosa Osmani, or over 500 thousand ballot boxes for the Vetëvendosje Movement.

“We can not and do not want to lead the country to re-election because we want to elect a new president. Those who do not want the election of the President, those who do not love the President, who have made and are waging a special war against it, can lead the country to elections. With their election, they have the elections in hand: either over 80 votes in the box for Vjosa Osmani, or over 500 thousand votes in the box for the VETËVENDOSJE Movement! ”, Wrote Kurti.

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