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Municipality of Prishtina is announced: Road maintenance is being uninterrupted, we have engaged 9 operators

After numerous criticisms for not removing snow from the streets of Prishtina and the surrounding villages, the Director of the Directorate of Public Services, Protection and Rescue in the Municipality of Prishtina, Medina Braha, reacted. According to her, the roads are being cleaned continuously, as she says that 9 operators have been engaged in the process, 6 operators for the urban part and 3 for the rural one.

Further, Braha says that “with these low temperatures the effect of salt is minimal”.

Her full statement:

The maintenance of roads and sidewalks has been uninterrupted throughout the day and night and is continuing today.

We have been constantly in coordination with the MEC facilitating the distribution of materials at the polling stations within our municipality. Especially greater assistance has been provided in rural areas where rainfall has been greater. The necessary voting material arrived on time at all polling stations there. We will also provide the necessary assistance to the MEC even after the closing of the polling stations.

We have engaged 6 operators for the urban part and 3 for the rural one.

However, with these low temperatures the impact of salt is minimal. The considerable winds also aggravate the situation because they carry some of the removed snow back on the road. Therefore, we call for extra caution in traffic and adherence to winter driving rules.

Roads not cleared of snow have made traffic difficult in other municipalities in the country.

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