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Municipality of Pristina with less budget for next year – Latest News

Municipality of Pristina with less budget for next year

The budget projection from the municipality of Prishtina for 2022 will be 90 million 665 thousand euros, said the deputy mayor of this municipality, Muhedin Nushi.

Nushi said that the budget projection for 2022 is one percent less than in 2021.

Further, he said that the municipality of Pristina is not satisfied with the use of the budget for 2020.

Nushi said that important projects are planned for the capital, such as the construction of four schools.

“The use of the municipal budget for 2020 is not satisfactory for our part. Some of the directorates have fully fulfilled their obligation for the procurement part of the projects. We have slowdown of projects without functioning of the PRB. We have important projects for the capital, one of them is the construction of four schools, which was also a project of the World Bank, where this tender is in the PRB ”.

However, as he said, many projects have slowed down due to the non-functioning of the Prosecution Review Body (PRB).

“On the other hand, we have an increase in construction costs, which we are obliged to renegotiate or terminate contracts with economic operators. Therefore, there are some objective reasons that prevent the realization of projects until the end as we have planned. If we talk about the 2022 budget we can talk about the budget projections as we are waiting for the second circular from the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Finance. We are in the process of developing budget plans for next year. “This year, the citizens’ hearing for budget hearings is higher than in previous years”, said Nushi.

“We still do not know which projects will be included in the 2022 budget, but if we talk about projections for the municipality of Prishtina, it will be 90 million and 600 euros, somewhere 1 percent less than in 2021, which has were over 91 million. From the general government grant is projected the value of 19 million 640 thousand euros, additional grants for the financing of the capital which goes to the value of 6% is projected at 11 million 610 thousand, the specific grant for education is projected at 21 million 972 thousand euro, the specific grant for health is projected at 6 million 950 thousand euros and the projection of own source revenues in the amount of 30 million 494 thousand euros, which in total has a value of 90 million 665 thousand euros. “Our obligation is to send the budget approved by the Assembly to the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance by September 30, and I am sure that the budget hearings, budget planning and budget submission will be successfully concluded,” he said. for EO.

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