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Municipality: The restoration of the Great Hammam in Prishtina has not been canceled

The Municipality of Prishtina informs you that the project of the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA) regarding the restoration of the Great Hammam in Prishtina has not been canceled, but the decision of the Kosovo Institute for the Protection of Monuments has been canceled by the IKMM Complaints Commission.

The annulment of the decision does not come as a result of the name of the Great Hammam of Prishtina, as it is written in some media, but the cause of some other problems in the project, such as: pre-measure, dynamic plan, etc.

We would like to inform you that the Media Advisor of the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports has stated to the media that the project has been suspended. Whereas, the Commission of the Ministry of Culture declares that the decision of IKMM has been annulled, which means that the project has been rejected. Suspension means that the project can be reviewed and supplemented, as long as this is not written in the commission decision.

Therefore, the Municipality of Prishtina requests immediate clarification about these statements that are in conflict with each other and for which decisions the Municipality of Prishtina was not notified in advance, but understood the news from the media. The fact that citizens are being misinformed and the media are informed before the institution about such a decision is worrying.

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