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Nagavci says they are working on providing dual education from next year – Latest News

Nagavci says they are working on providing dual education from next year

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, in a statement for Ekonomia Online, said that they are working from next school year to provide “dual” education for students.

“Dual” education is a system in which training in a company is combined with subjects in a vocational school.

“Vocational education and training is one of our strategic goals. We have started cooperation with municipalities and vocational schools in order to succeed in better vocational education for students. We have increased the cooperation with our partners who are offering support in this field “.

“We are consolidating and working on providing dual education from the next school year in total 2022-2023 so that there are opportunities and industries developed businesses to offer dual education for students. We are at the end of the preparations for the new school year “.

Further, Nagavci said that it is important to create genuine policies with enterprises, businesses in order to adapt the labor market to

“It is very important to have genuine policies, to have cooperation with enterprises, businesses and to have a good coordination of all our donors and partners under the leadership of the Ministry of Education so that the interest of each child is seen.”

“… Also achieving their results in improving skills and competencies both in meeting the needs and demands of the labor market as well as in anticipating what is important for the economic development of the country.”

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