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Nora and Robert are caught ‘mat’ at the airport

After a relatively long period, the former couple Robert Berisha and Nora Istrefi have been caught ‘mat’ together.

Portal Prive.al has managed to provide fresh photos and videos that show next to each other once one of the most popular Albanian couples.

Nora and Robert left for the trip together, in the early hours of this morning from Prishtina Airport.

They were not together, but accompanied by their daughter Renée and at the same time the singer’s mother, Mrs. Suzanne.

They have gone on vacation with the girl, Nora and Robert despite the separation after nearly 15 years together, enjoy a very good relationship with each other which allows them to vacation together like this, especially to create memories of the girl beautiful family throughout childhood.

Recently in the media spread a completely fabricated news just for clicks that supposedly Nora and Robert may be towards reunion but at least for now there are no such signals.

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