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Occasions of June 15th

Agenda of activities for the Liberation Day of Deçan:

– Post mortum gratitude is shared for the professors who passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Municipal Assembly Hall, time 09:00)

– Exhibitions and murals open. (SHFMU “Jusuf Gërvalla” Prapaqan, time 10:00)

– The exhibition “Volcano of the Republic” of the League of Historians of Kosovo opens. (City center, time 11:00)

– The young people of Deçan climb on “Via Ferrata” with the motto “Thank you KLA”. (Time 12:00)

– The exhibition “Under the light of Gjeravica” by Nezir Ramosaj opens. (Palace of Culture “Jusuf Gërvalla”, Deçan, time 16:00)

The Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Ambassador Tomash Szunyog visits the municipality of Pasjan. (Municipal Assembly building, 09:00, press conference at 09:30)

The Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Ambassador Tomash Szunyog participates in the inter-municipal conference. (Resort plans, Gjilan, time 10:00)

The Minister of Health, Arben Vitia holds a press conference. (“October 1” Hall, Prishtina, time 10:00).

General Director of Kosovo Police Samedin Mehmeti reports to the Committee on Security and Defense. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-302, time 10:00)

The Public Administration Commission is discussing the notification by the Independent Oversight Board for the Civil Service of the resignation of the Chairman of the Board. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-225, time 10:00)

The Committee on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora discusses the plan for overseeing the integration process 2020-2021. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-303 at 10:00)

The Municipal Assembly of Podujeva holds extraordinary meetings. (New Municipal Building, time 10:00)

The meeting of the Municipal Council for Community Safety is held. (Prizren Municipal Assembly Hall in the White House, time 10:00)

The Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade Rozeta Hajdari reports to the Parliamentary Committee on Economy on the plan of this ministry for 2021. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-10, time 11:00)

The Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo presents the publication “Analysis of the shadow economy in Kosovo”. (Academy Hall, Prishtina, time 11:00)

The Democratic Institute of Kosovo (KDI) is organizing the sixth coordination meeting between the chairmen of the parliamentary committees on the oversight role of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-506, time 14:00)

The mayor of Prizren Mytaher Haskuka and the municipal director of Health, Narqize Arënliu-Hoxhaj will visit the sports center “Sezai Surroi”, where the mass vaccination of citizens will begin. (14:00)

Agenda of activities for the Liberation Day of the Municipality of Malisheva:

– Artistic exhibition and publication of the results of the competition in the field of painting, in the House of Culture “Tahir Sinani”. (11:30)

– Literary Hour and publication of the results of the artistic competition. (14:00)

– The final in football, in the sports gym “Habib Zogaj” in Malisheva. (Time 21:00)

Agenda of activities for the Liberation Day of the Municipality of Gjilan:

– Tributes to the cemetery of martyrs (Time 11:00)

– Disclosure of the Mural at the Office of the Mayor (Time 11:30)

– Exhibition dedicated to the days of freedom (City Museum, time 13:00)

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