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Occasions of June 16th

Agenda of activities on the occasion of the Liberation Day of the Municipality of Deçan:

– Raising the Flag. (City center, time 09:00)

– A solemn session is held. (Municipal Assembly Hall, time 09:10)

– The International Kick-Boxing Tournament “Ismail Haradinaj” is held. (Sports Hall in Deçan, time 10:00)

– Tributes are paid to the tombstones of the martyrs in the city center. (Time 10:30)

– Tributes are paid to the Memorial Complex “Dëshmorët e Kombit” in Gllogjan. (Time 11:00)

– The exhibition “On the Road to Freedom” opens. (Palace of Culture “Jusuf Gërvalla”, Deçan, time 12:00)

– A concert is held with the singers from Deçan. (City center, time 19:00)

Agenda of activities for the Liberation Day and the Martyrs’ Day of the Municipality of Malisheva:

– The solemn collection and awarding of traditional prizes is held. (House of Culture “Tahir Sinani” Malisheva, time 10:00)

– Ignition of fireworks. (Time 21:00)

The meeting of the Policy and Finance Committee of the Municipality of Gjakova is held. (Solemn hall in the Palace of Culture “Asim Vokshi” Gjakova, time 10:00)

The Oversight Committee of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency discusses the following issues from the scope of the Commission. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-303, time 10:00)

The German hall is inaugurated and the new master program German as a foreign language is presented at the Faculty of Philology of UP. The Minister of Education, Arbërie Nagavci, the German Deputy Ambassador Jan-Axel Voss are also present. (Faculty of Philology UP, time 10:00)

The regular meeting of the Policy and Finance Committee of the Municipality of South Mitrovica is held. (Media Hall, Municipal Assembly building, time 10:00)

KCC presents the study “How to become stronger after COVID-19 – exploiting the potential of geographical proximity for foreign direct investment in the Western Balkans.” (Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, 10: 30-12: 00)

Kosovo Lottery workers will protest the demand for the adoption of the law on the Kosovo Lottery. (In front of the building of the Government of Kosovo, time 11:00)

The Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI), with the support of the European Union, holds the anti-corruption performance “Signal”. The director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Shaip Havolli, participates. (“Zahir Pajaziti” Square Prishtina, time 11:00)

Acknowledgments are shared for the activity “Race for a clean Gjakova”. (Krena River Promenade, 12:00)

The Minister of Justice Albulena Haxhiu reports to the Commission for European Integration. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-302, time 13:00)

The Mayor of Prizren, Mytaher Haskuka, together with the Director of the Directorate for Public Services, Osman Krasniqi will visit businesses in the village of Sërbicë. (Time 13:00)

Kosovo Tourism Union presents its achievements during the first year. (Hotel “Swiss Diamond”, Prishtina, time 19:00)

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