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Haziri for the Kurti-Vucic confrontation: There were no negotiations, there was only a meeting – Latest News

Haziri for the Kurti-Vucic confrontation: There were no negotiations, there was only a meeting

The Vice President of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Lutfi Haziri, said that today’s meeting in Brussels between Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic did not bring anything surprising.

According to him, since Kurti had previously announced that he is going there only to meet Vucic but not to dialogue with him, reports Klan Kosova.

“The postponed May meeting to June did not bring anything unexpected as a start.”

“Given Kurti’s background to the dialogue, which was rejected, they have aggravated the process. It took a month to work, just to cause the meeting.

“It has gone beyond the agenda of international mediator Lajcak, and mediator Borrell.”

“At the same time, the American president is in Brussels as part of the NATO Summit, at the same time tomorrow is the meeting of the elephants Biden and Putin.”

“Exceeding the agenda to bring innovation in political demands on the table, throws the scarf of wasting time, or buying time, because for Kosovo it is in the interest to create a new momentum and requires a new dynamic that depletes the agenda.” .

“On the other hand, the Serbian side, since the beginning of the negotiations, has had to waste time buying time, postponing time and doing nothing.”

“The strategic kurti has escaped the agenda of the negotiation format. “She said in Pristina that ” I am not going to talk to President Vucic, but I am going to meet him ”, at the request of the EU and the US, and this happened today.”

“So, there were no negotiations, there was a meeting.”

However, in the Special Edition in Klan Kosova, Haziri considered the request of Kurt to remove Vljeko Odallovi, from the position of chairman of the Serbian commission for missing persons as a political risk.

“What seems to me to be a bit of a political risk is the interference on the one hand in the definition of technical groups by the Serbian side, as is the case with the missing group.”

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