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One month detention for Gjakova who incited hatred with his book – Latest News

One month of detention for Gjakova who incited hatred with his book

The Basic Prosecution in Gjakova has requested the imposition of detention on remand by the competent court in Gjakova, against the defendant HM, due to reasonable suspicion that he committed the criminal offense “Incitement to discord and intolerance.”

The Prosecution announces that the case occurred on August 12, 2021, in Gjakova, exactly inside a hotel, where the defendant HM, during the promotion of his book, incites and publicly spreads hatred and dissension.

Among the content of this book, are written some poems such as, “Get up Enver”, “Get rid of once and for all”, and “Msitnia”, which have content of national and religious hatred and division, where the same, with these actions could have disrupted public order in the Republic of Kosovo “, it is said in the notification of the Prosecution.

The prosecutor of the case against the defendant requested detention for 30 days, which was approved by the competent court.

The defendant, by order of the prosecutor is in custody from 14 August 2021. / Voice

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