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One month detention for police officer for sexually assaulting a minor

The Basic Court in Gjilan has approved the request of the Basic Prosecution of Gjilan, imposing the measure of detention of 30 days on the defendant R. Sh.

According to the Court, there is a grounded suspicion that the defendant from November 2020 until 20.04.2021, met several times with the injured minor, who is a person with mental disabilities, in which case the defendant is suspected of having sexually assaulted her. These sufficient circumstances for which the court considers that show the potential risk that if the same is released he can repeat the criminal offense or commit another criminal offense with even more serious consequences.

With these actions, the defendant is suspected of having committed the criminal offense of “sexual assault”, an offense sanctioned by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo (CCRK).

The pre-trial judge in the Serious Crimes Department assessed that the legal reasons for imposing detention on the defendant remain, as other alternative measures at this stage of the procedure would be insufficient.

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