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Passengers and victims of the accident in Croatia are expected to arrive in Kosovo today after 22:00 – Latest News

Today after 22:00 passengers and the dead from the accident in Croatia are expected to arrive in Kosovo

The Minister of Internal Affairs in the Government of Kosovo, Xhelal Sveçla, said that the passengers who survived the bus accident of a company from Kosovo, on Sunday in Croatia, will return to Kosovo by air transport, on Tuesday, after at 22:00.

Minister Sveçla told Radio Free Europe that in the evening it is expected that the bodies of people who failed to survive the accident will return to Kosovo.

The exact time is not yet known, due to the autopsy being performed in the state of Croatia.

The bodies will be returned to Kosovo by road transport.

As a result of Sunday’s accident, 10 people died and over 40 others were injured.

The Minister of Defense in the Government of Kosovo, Armend Mehaj, announced on Tuesday the release from the hospital of 26 people injured in the accident and 15 people are still being treated, while one of them is in serious condition.

Some of the injured will continue to be treated in the state of Croatia, some will return to Germany, said Minister Sveçla.

There were 67 passengers and two drivers on the bus, where one of the drivers died. The bus was traveling on the regular Frankfurt-Pristina line.

One driver died, while the other, who was driving, was sentenced to 30 days detention.

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