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Payment of 5 euros: Pal Lekaj says that the procedures started while he was a minister, but then the process was canceled – Latest News

Payment of 5 euros: Pal Lekaj says that the procedures started while he was a minister, but then the process was canceled

The burden of nearly 5 euros for the sticker that has been added to Kosovars who will register their cars, immediately after the joy after the start of the procedures for the removal of homologation, has provoked numerous reactions and clashes between the opposition and the government. The former Minister of Infrastructure, Pal Lekaj, was also declared guilty of this tax.

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Hysen Durimishi, who has placed his signature on the agreement for the adhesive ticket, said that he found the same on the table and that there was no other way but to sign it.

Durmishi blamed the former Minister of Infrastructure, Pal Lekaj. According to him, former Minister Lekaj has prepared this process for a company of his own.

“Pal Lekaj’s Ministry has prepared this process for a company of its own. The company has been declared irresponsible by the evaluation committee. And when the company won that they did not want to give this project, the secretary canceled the report of the evaluation commission, which is a legal violation. After that, the company which has met the criteria has made a request for legal interpretation in the Office of the Prime Minister “, said Durmishi.

“The legal interpretation is that this decision of the secretary is illegal and is null and void. That is why I have signed this agreement. “If there was a cancellation, I would not sign it”, added Durmishi.

Former Minister Pal Lekaj spoke about these accusations.

In a response to the Express newspaper, Lekaj admitted that the procedures were opened when he headed the Ministry of Infrastructure, but said that the process was later canceled.

According to him, the reasons for this were the procedures in violation of the Prosecution Law and the high price of the tax.

“It is true that the procedures were conducted by the Department of Vehicles in 2018, but seeing that the procedures were attempted to be conducted in violation of the Law on Procurement and the high price that becomes a burden for Kosovar citizens, it also seems to me that there were I also have some doubts regarding the quality of the label “, said Lekaj.

He indicated that the process was canceled by the Secretary of the Ministry.

“At that time, the secretary based on the above arguments had canceled this process which is completely the competence of the secretary and apparently this time has passed into the hands of political appointees, namely Minister Liburn Aliu and Deputy Minister Hysen Durmishi “and this constitutes another legal violation and let’s not forget the fact that again everything has gone in contradiction with the Law on Prosecution”, it is said in Lekaj’s answers.

“Auto Control Kosova” also stated for the Express Newspaper that the process regarding the provision of the service with “Adhesive Ticket” began on September 19, 2018, when the public announcement was announced on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

For the provision of this service, 3 economic operators have submitted bids, among them us as Auto Control Kosova LLC in partnership with the Austrian company Forster Verkehrs- und Ëerbetechnik GmbH (hereinafter: FORSTER). After the assessments it was concluded that Auto Control Kosova – KPS has met all the conditions and criteria, while the other 2 operators have not met the required conditions and criteria. So, the process has been open to all companies without any restrictions and free competition has been respected “, it is said in the company’s answers.

The company says that they have been denied the right gained for three years, since this process was finalized in June this year.

This process, despite the delays, has passed all stages of evaluation and was finalized in accordance with applicable law, only in June 2021. For us as a company (Auto Control Kosovo), especially the partner company FORSTER, it was meaningless why For 3 years in a row, we have been denied an acquired right, and the non-provision of this service with “Adhesive Ticket” has damaged the public interest (We will explain this to you in the following letter) “, stated from” Auto Control Kosova ”.

The company has justified this tax with the benefits it says it offers, which according to it are: Increasing road safety, stopping losses of 20 million euros from unregistered car accidents, reducing losses from unregistered cars, membership in the Green Card, while they say that with this service it will be possible to remove the additional payment of 30 euros that is paid when registering the car.

This service enables the removal of the additional payment of 30 euros that currently citizens pay when registering a vehicle (So, with the provision of this service with “Adhesive Ticket” 4.90 euros are paid and conditions are created to remove the payment of 30 euros, e “With this, the citizen pays 25 euros less than he currently pays. So, we reiterate that only in relation to this tax, the citizen will pay 25 euros less, after the implementation of this service”, it is further stated in the response.

Based on the data published by the Business Registration Agency, “Auto Control Kosova” was registered as a business in June 2018.

Its capital is 1 thousand euros, it has only three employees, while the number of shareholders goes to seven.

As a primary activity, this company has declared the wholesale trade of vehicle parts and accessories.

And if everything goes according to the agreement, this company is expected to have an annual turnover of about 2 million euros.

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