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Përparim Rama says that he will solve the problem of stray dogs with the Dog Park

The LDK candidate for Prishtina, Përparim Rama, has indicated that if he wins, he plans to address the problem of stray dogs by creating a Dog Park similar to the Bear Park.

“The mayor of Prishtina represents the citizen of Prishtina and if the citizen of Prishtina has a big problem that they are stray dogs that I am hearing more and more that children and adults are being bitten, then we must take immediate measures because yes human health and safety are violated. I was at Bear Park just to see how they solved the bear issue. There is a park where, in addition to the area for bears, there are other areas that use different businesses in terms of meetings and recreation, as well as the education of children.

“If our city is developing as a tourist city in different ways, we also need points of different attractions. We can create a Dog Park, because the municipality owns a large number of lands. We must first insist on licensing dogs. People who own a dog today are not licensed to own it and there is no report of who owns that dog. We must first insist that if a family wants to get a dog, then that dog is known to be licensed, whose it is and who is responsible for that dog. If after two or three months the children become stale, then the dog is not left on the street. “If we license the dogs and we have created the Dog Park, then this is the place where you can send the dog if you do not want to keep it anymore.”

Rama, in “Ju flet Prishtina” said that stray dogs are a very big problem and super emergency.

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