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Posters for Serbs Suspected of War Crimes in Kosovo Posted in Gjakova – Latest News

Posters are placed in Gjakova for Serbs suspected of war crimes in Kosovo

The War Crimes Association in Gjakova, on Friday evening, placed posters with photos and personal data (name & surname) of Serbs suspected of having committed war crimes in this city during the recent war.

It is the same call for all “Wanted for war crimes”.

However, these will not be the only posters to be placed in public spaces.

“Everywhere, every corner, every street, although tomorrow maybe even half will not be among those who feel sorry for gambling. We will soon post another 250 photos, in due time, with many volunteers “, said Shkëndije Hoda, Leader of the Association for War Crimes.

Citizens are welcoming this initiative, although they see it as a bit late.

All this activity was done with the permission of the police, but these photos can not be placed on private property and in areas where there are Serbian religious sites.

Let us recall that Gjakova is one of the places most affected by the recent war with 1026 people killed and 76 missing and one of the municipalities with residents insisting that local Serbs be punished for the crimes committed.

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