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Can the register of abusers stop sexual violence? – Latest news

Can the register of abusers stop sexual violence?

Recent cases of sexual harassment have prompted Grazeta Editor-in-Chief Eurisa Rukovci to launch an initiative to register sexual abusers.

This initiative is addressed to the Assembly and the Government of Kosovo and aims to make the names of sexual abusers public to citizens.

A public registry, according to Rukovci, would establish more justice for victims of sexual abuse.

“It is important to have such a register, because at the moment we are not succeeding. “It means that at the moment we do not see a trend where sexual abusers are being punished, and there is no justice for survivors of sexual abuse.”

Rukovci in an interview for Radio Free Europe, said that this petition launched online, aims that the names of these people should be made public, after they have a final decision by the court.

“The register is for sexual abusers, for individuals who have been convicted by the courts for sexual abuse and not for persons who have indictments.”

She says that the case that took place on May 18 in the city of Peja, where the professor killed the parent of his student, whom he tried to rape – shows that Kosovo needs a public register for abusers.

“Kosovo is not having a detailed legal system, where they deal with the rehabilitation of sexual abusers. We have seen the case of Peja, that due to the failure to monitor individuals who have committed an act of sexual harassment, there has been no monitoring of justice institutions and there has been a murder.

Rukovci believes that such a register would reduce the number of sexual abuses, as so far there is no monitoring for persons with a history of abuse.

Sociologist Linda Gusia also thinks that a register with the names of people who have been sexually abused should be made public, because these people, according to her, tend to repeat the crime.

“Usually sexual abusers are serial. “They tend to repeat their crimes, and this has been proven in every other country in the world.”

Gusia says that a public register would not eliminate the problem of sexual abuse, but at least it would be a step forward towards the protection of victims, because according to her in Kosovo society, there is a tolerance for abusers.

“There should be a register for many crimes, but especially for crimes of sexual abusers. “I do not think their names should be posted on the wall, as I do not think it would help, but definitely anyone who wants to see the names of sexual abusers should have the right to see them.”

Legal aspects of the public registry for sexual abusers

This petition must collect 10 thousand signatures, in order to proceed to the Assembly of Kosovo, where then there must be a legislative initiative.

“The register of sexual abusers should be established by legislative initiatives, either by amending the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo, or to be regulated by a special law because the very publication of this list of abusers is a kind of sanction and should be provided by law “, says the lawyer Edona Sina.

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