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“Postieri” Association warns of protests against the decision of the Board of Directors in the Post – Latest News

The Association

The Trade Union Association “Postieri” through a letter has reacted to the chairman of the Interim Board of Directors of the Post of Kosovo, Leonard Shabani and acting chief executive Xhevdet Smakiqi, for the latest decision on salary increase / reduction.

In a press release from this association, they said that in the coming days they will inform the Labor Inspectorate and will address the justice authorities as they say about the decision and competitions for hiring new employees.

The “Postieri” association called this decision illegal and shameful. Through a communiqué, the Association says that through the decision, the senior officials of the enterprise increase their salaries while those of other employees decrease, “always without any plan, analysis and as desired”.

Also, from this association have expressed that they have not yet received salaries for January of this year, while mentioning the competitions that according to the association are being made for promotions.

“Competitions are underway for the recruitment of new employees and for senior officials of the company, not to mention the many promotions that have taken place in the last two months, where all these have a negative effect on employees and the company.” it is said in the reaction of this association./Zeri


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